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It pisses me off when I see Armin being replaced by Levi in main trio art


Anonymous said: Do you even read Deadpool comics?




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my parents always complain that i’m never home because i was always at my grandparents

but then when i’m actually home they don’t even bother

it’s like do you want me here or not make up your mind god damn

i go into the kitchen and my parents are like, “WOW YOU’RE HOME!!?!??!?!?”

like, yeah i am, but of course you wouldn’t know that would you because you never even fucking bother to check on me

it’s like i’m not even here


My friend is in need of some help with raising money for his dad’s hospital bill. 

My other friend Chii kindly agreed on helping me
I’m not sure how much we can make, but raising at least $800 would benefit them greatly.
His dad has stage 4 cancer and they need to pay the hospital bill, the sooner the better!

My friend has already given up a lot and has worked really hard to try and help his mom raise the money and to me that’s the sweetest thing in the world ;;  I’ve never really done this before but I wanted to do my best and lend a hand

It’d be great if you could signal boost this if you don’t want to buy any art. If you want to but don’t have enough for a commission, you can donate ANY amount! Just click on the donation button ; ω ; 
( We’re working on getting the donation button done ///  please excuse us  If you want you can ask to be informed when the button is up otherwise check back to this post and it should update itself! )

If you stuck around to actually see the prices and such thank you soo much /smooches 

Chii’s and my prices are the same. We can COLLAB on drawings as well, such as one person draws and lines and one colors.

Sadly, because we tried to push this out as quick as possible and I don’t have an art tumblr, I ( Teno ) don’t have many proper examples to show but everything we do will be fully colored and lined properly with great care so please don’t worry about quality! If it’s a concern please feel free to mention it and we’ll give it extra attention if needed.


1. ) NO REFUNDS. We can show you progress sketches as we go at your request so you can give more direction about it but I don’t want that money being taken back from them and cause an inconvenience 
2. ) PLEASE PAY THE PAYPAL FEE. I can’t stress this enough but taking out on the paypal fee adds up eventually. I don’t want him to lose that.
3.) Please EMAIL us to place a commission because i’d hate for anything to get lost in tumblr ;;;

That’s it really! Anything else? message us at:
for any questions or concerns you might have!

It’s for questions/ contact/ and handling commissions only.
You will receive the email to send payment to AFTER we agree on the commissions so there isn’t any confusion ;; im sorry if I seem mean or aggressive about any of this stuff i’m not trying to be OTL


✿ Collab examples: ( can apply to any of the options below ) 
Chii’s lines + Teno’s coloring: • 
Teno’s lines + Chii’s coloring: • 

Chibis: $20
Chii’s ex.   ( 4 in 1 file )
Teno’s ex.       
additional characters + $5

Busts: $20
Chii’s ex.     
Teno’s ex.     
additional characters + $5

Waist/Thigh highs : $25
Chii’s ex.   
Teno’s ex.      
additional characters + $5

✿Full bodies: $30 ( 2 slots of Chii n’ 2 slots for Teno ) 
Chii’s ex.  
Teno’s ex. ( none of this laptop BUT I can send you a sketch preview before you decide ) 
additional characters + $10

RL Sketches: ( same prices as above + shipping ) ( Teno only )

This is just an option to make sure we can cover all bases ;; if you”re interested please be aware that i’d have to calculate shipping first so please do NOT send payment until we confirm shipping costs
Usually these will be done faster than digital commissions

These obviously were not taken with a scanner ahah e 7 e;;; 
Fingers crossed I didn’t post any sketches twice ;;;

me: [posts art]
person: [unfollows me]
me: same tbh


People will stare. Make it worth their while → Alexander McQueen | Pre-Fall ‘13

Gosh there are a few I would kill for

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reading the chapter about midousuji’s backstory and…. i can… feel the tears….