i draw things sometimes, but this is just my personal blog where i post things that i like. if you want to see just my art, then please go to my art blog!

feel free to just call me shuppie!!

older art is tagged: my shitty art


Damiano from my comic SACRO/PROFANO! In a different style… usually he is “cute” and funny! :P


Damiano from my comic SACRO/PROFANO! In a different style… usually he is “cute” and funny! :P

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John Doe, Blight, Daskeely, and then JJ made me dig up Quartermaster from the depths.

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Anonymous said: I'm actually going to finish this assignment now so goodnight friend (◡‿◡✿)

GOOD NIGHT, FRIEND!! you have fun with that assignment lmao *wink*

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Anonymous said: we are the same except u are extra extra fabulous at art. I love art but my life is centered around music woo also I'm pretty sure i never didn't procrastinate I even procrastinate doing things I like

dude same???? i always procrastinate drawing by like.. watching dumb shit on youtube or smth

i still have two art trades from THREE months ago bc i just kept putting them off lmfao.. i also still have stickers to send out too. i have all the letters written and they’re sealed with the addresses and everything on them. they’ve been sitting there like that for, like, two months and all i really have to do is drop them by the post office but i’ve put off even THAT JESUS CHRIST

Anonymous said: yeah I completely rely on deadlines. i always took great pride when a teacher said "this isn't something you can do the night before" i proved them wrong and got an A 99% of the time

oh my god dude are you me bc that

is literally what i’ve done for 110% of my high school career thus far

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Anonymous said: it's rly hard I am just so lame and cannot handle the problems that I constantly create •_•

shhhshhh all will be ok, friend

honestly, i find it much easier to work under that kind of pressure. i feel like i have an easier time focusing on my homework when i have to do an hour’s worth of hw in a 30 minute lunch period lmao. ah, that’s just what happens to work for me tho, even tho it stresses me out a lot to do that all the time hahaaaa

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Anonymous said: and occasionally I'll get lazy and go to bed early but it just makes it worse I literally cannot win

ye, anon, i’ve done that Many A Time and i wake up the following morning feeling nothing but regret

Anonymous said: I usually tell myself I'll do better next week during the weekends but it hasn't worked once


i used to make it my new years resolution but i’ve since stopped doing that since i know i’ll just continue to do it LMFAO

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….was it really necessary to make him that attractive? he has two lines, is on screen for less than five seconds, has no name and probably will never get one so why did you feel the need to make him so fucking pretty? that’s unfair…

guys. this is a real person.